A Loan for Housing Renovation – Where is it Best in 2019?

It is already a tradition that some Poles are renovating a flat on vacation. We have time to deal with, for example, a new arrangement, and children can be sent to a camp or family at this time. The new interior is, however, costs that can significantly undermine our home budget. So we checked whether a quick loan for renovation is a good solution.

Before we start repairing our “m”, first we need to estimate the estimate: what we want to change, how much it will cost and how long it will take. If we have this type of calculation ready, it is time to count the savings. Not enough for all work, and there is still some time to pay? The solution to this situation can be a minute, or a quick loan for renovation.


Advantages of a payday loan for renovation

A quick loan is a financial injection that will allow you to pay for the necessary expenses related to the renovation. It can be useful especially during work – when there is no savings, and you still need to buy something. The advantages of this solution are, among others:

  • a wide range of available amounts – from PLN 50 to even PLN 6,000,
  • minimum of formalities,
  • available online,
  • cash on your account up to 15 minutes,
  • it also gives on weekends,
  • many offers and promotions to choose from,
  • some companies offer the first loan for free.


Loans defects for renovation

However, this type of service is not an ideal solution – before you decide to submit an application and take a loan, it is worth knowing what shortcomings have a quick loan to repair the flat. Among them we can mention:

  • short credit period (up to 30 days, less than 45 or 60 days),
  • high loan costs compared to bank offers,
  • the maximum amount may not be enough for renovation expenses.


A quick loan for renovation – where to look for it?

We can choose a lot of companies that provide non-bank loans . It’s best to compare several offers and choose the best one for:

  • the optimal range of available cash,
  • an affordable credit period,
  • low loan costs,
  • additional bonuses,
  • the speed of funds paid,
  • good reviews from other customers.

In our payday rankings you will find the best offers, known and proven companies.


A loan installment for renovation – why is it worth it?

For those who can not pay off their payday within a month, the installment loan will be a better solution. Currently, it is offered by a lot of non-bank companies. What’s more, within it, much higher amounts are available, even up to PLN 25,000, granted for a period of 6 months to even several years (maximum 4 years). Such a loan is much easier to pay off, it is also easier to reach for people who are not able to meet the conditions of payday.

You can apply for installment loans online. They do not require many formalities, and cash can be on your account up to 15 minutes . Loan installment offers are also worth comparing – under the same aspects as at the moment.


A loan for repairs – for a moment or installments?

Renovation work is a sacred thing. How to do it right now – from beginning to end. For this purpose, it is worth investing in additional funds. You must decide for yourself whether the payday or loan is better. Both of these solutions are aids, completely safe – provided that you know where and how to borrow!

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