Apply for a mini loan

A mini loan is a small loan , which you can often request without testing . How much can I borrow with a minimum loan? What are the costs of a mini loan? With a Mini Loan money borrowing with registration is also possible. Where do you close a Mini Loan?

Why a mini loan?

A mini loan is useful for closing for a number of reasons. First, you have the money very quickly on your account, sometimes within a few hours. You can even borrow via email, without hassle. Also a Mini Loan is useful, because often no testing takes place or because one looks further than that negative registration. A mini loan is also flexible, because you can even apply for it on Sunday. Furthermore, the Mini Loan is useful, because the maturity is very short, which means that you are quickly off your loan.

How can I apply for a mini loan?

You can easily request a Mini Loan , for example by email. No paperwork is required for this, because the rest of the application is done online. Borrowing via email can, for example, be with providers such as, and at To apply for a Mini Loan you can compare the conditions of the different providers. So you know well what the differences are between providers of minilining and you can make an informed choice for a Mini Loan provider.

Mini Loan with registration

Borrowing money with registration can be done with a small loan through a Mini Loan. Many providers of small minilines offer their minilings without testing, so that if you have a negative registration, they can still borrow from them. If is tested, more is looked at, so your loan is not immediately rejected.

Mini Loan without testing

When you have a registration , it is sometimes very difficult to get a loan anyway. It seems as if no one wants to accept you anymore. Fortunately, you can always apply for that Mini Loan, because testing is often not carried out by providers of minilining.

How much can I borrow at most?

With a Mini Loan you can apply for a maximum loan of € 1000 per loan, depending on the provider. It is usually possible to close several minilines at the same time. As a result, you can borrow a maximum amount of money. There are sometimes a number of conditions attached to concluding multiple loans. This is different for each provider.

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