How long will I have my Porfio credit?

In Porfio we recognize the volatility with which small and medium-sized companies are managed, so we transform the way to access business credit. After completing your application, the average time you receive your credit is 48 hours .

Unlike traditional banking, in Porfio you do not need to go to a branch, collect a large number of papers or present a guarantee or guarantee. To apply for your loan you just need to fill out the form that will take you a few minutes to complete.


You must have on hand:

money loan

  • The RFC with which invoices.
  • Your official ID
  • Proof of address.
  • Information of your business.
  • A bank account to deposit.

Upon completing the application you receive an immediate response of how much we can offer you. If you accept the Porfio loan proposal, your deposit will be ready in just hours.


We use technology in our favor

technology loan

We managed to respond immediately as we developed algorithms and risk engines that allow us to analyze the feasibility of granting loans quickly.

Through your billing level and credit score we know the financial health of your business and the viability of lending you money. The same as evaluating a traditional bank, but requesting less requirements and taking less time to resolve.

Your first credit could be granted in 48 hours after completing your application and for subsequent credits you can have it in just 3 hours.

Most deposits are generated within 6 hours of signing the contract and the maximum time could be 24 hours.

On some occasions we carry out a manual review in order to provide you with better conditions on your loan in terms of interest rates and terms. In case your process goes through a manual review, we can give you an answer the same day.

If you have already completed your application and have not received a response after this period, we recommend that you log into your Porfio account to check the status.


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